Libya: Red Crescent recovers 22 corpses from southern Derna

Libya: Red Crescent recovers 22 corpses from southern Derna

November 15, 2018 - 20:37
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Red Crescent said Tuesday it had picked up 22 bodies from Al-Heela in southern Derna in eastern Libya.

On Facebook, the Red Crescent said the corpses date back to 2011 and they had found them after the city's security department received information about their location.

Earlier this month, the Red Crescent also recovered 10 unidentified corpses in two separate operations in Hay Al-Maghar and Derna's city center.

The 10 bodies were probably for victims of the continuous fighting in the city since last June.

According to the spokesman for the self-styled army, Ahmed Al-Mismari on Wednesday, Derna is going through improved economic, security and social conditions; "thanks to Omar Al-Mukhtar and backup forces," he added.

"Clashes have now narrowed down to only the old city area in Derna." Al-Mismari explained in his presser.

Late last June, Khalifa Haftar announced "full liberation" of Derna, however; fighting is still ongoing in different areas including Derna's city center, which is not controlled by Haftar's forces.