Libya has refused to take over the chairmanship of the current session of the Arab League (AL) after Palestine decided to concede its right to the current chair, in protest over the UAE and Bahrain deals with Israel.

"Libya's representative to the Arab League, Saleh Al-Shammakhi, has officially informed the Secretariat of AL of Libya's decision," said the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mohammad Al-Qiblawi, on Tuesday.

He added that Libya will be looking forward to exercising its right under better circumstances, and reserves its right to AL presidency under the procedural rules of the Arab League.

Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Comoros had all refused to preside the current AL session after Palestine decided to quit the chairmanship of the 154th regular session of the Arab League at the ministerial level, in reaction to the decision of some Arab countries to normalize relations with so-called Israel.