The Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU) Muhammadi Al-Nei has declared the return of Libya to its membership in the council.

Al-Nei said the council seeks to include as many Arab states in its membership during a meeting with Libya's Minister of Economy and Trade, Muhammad Al-Hawij.

"Libya is one of the first countries to ratify the CAEU agreement, and this would enhance its role in the fields of economy and investment in the region, given its distinguished geographical location and great resources and wealth," Al-Nei said.

He emphasized that the council looks forward to contributing to the reconstruction of Libya, as the Libyan state will have a significant role in the Arab and regional economies, as he put it.

For his part, Al-Hawij said Libya returned with a clear plan to achieve the desired results in cooperation with the Arab countries.

Al-Hawij had agreed with the Palestinian Minister of National Economy Khaled Al-Osaili to develop and strengthen economic and trade cooperation between both countries and increase the volume of trade exchange.

He affirmed that Libya stands ready to facilitate the importing of Palestinian products to Libya after examining the list of goods provided by the Palestinian side.

Al-Hawij conducted these meetings on the sidelines of the Arab Economic and Social Ministerial Council in its 109th regular session, held at the Arab League HQ in Cairo.

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