The Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room announced Tuesday that it will not recognize the agreement signed in Skhirat and will reject any political body formed out of it whether it adheres to the Political Isolation law in selecting its members or not.

“We won’t acknowledge the Skhirat agreement even if it is approved by Tobruk parliament because we are still committed to the rejection of any agreement that does not criminalize the ex-regime, sever all ties with its followers and stop reproducing it anew.” The statement explained.

The Revolutionaries also reaffirmed that such agreements do not apply to them, as they are cheaper than the paper they were written on, pointing out that they support the Libyan –Libyan efforts that aim at maintaining Libya’s sovereignty and unity.

“We give our support to the Libyan-Libyan solution as it will guarantee the freedom of the political entities and the sublimity of Islam as well as the welfare of the people in the country.” They clarified.

“We are looking for a government that does not follow foreign dictations and does not want to go back to the bygone eras of colonization.” The statement elaborated.

In a threatening tone, the Revolutionaries Operations Room said that the members of the trusteeship government that is being passed by the Skhirat “play directors” and headed by “agent” Fayez Al-Sirraj plus their followers will all be legitimate targets to the brigades of Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room once they venture coming to the areas controlled by the Salvation Government and the General National Congress.

In the meantime, the Presidential Council of the UN-imposed government had announced a new cabinet formation of 18 ministers, based on Skhirat agreement, and passed to Tobruk parliament for vote of confidence.