Libyan authorities closed Sunday Ras Ajdir border crossing with Tunisia due to the assaults and harassment of Libyan travellers in the Tunisian city of Ben Gardane.

The Salvation Government said the border would remain closed until the Tunisian authorities take action and protect Libyans on its soil.

Several Libyan travellers' cars were smashed and others were beaten up by locals in Ben Gardane after the Libyan authorities decided to halt goods exports. The Libyan decision came after 5 Tunisian traders and 5 Libyan customs officers were arrested in a bribery case.

The border city of Ben Gardane depends on the cross-border trade with Libya as unemployment rate there rises. Ben Gardane locals see Libya as the best place to seek prosperous life as there is no travel restriction between both countries.

Reports say around 80% of Ben Gardane locals are engaged in cross-border trade with Libya, transporting cheap goods to sell in Tunisian markets. This trade also includes fuel smuggling.