The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Sarraj met Monday with the Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya in Tripoli and discussed cooperation in economic development and service sectors.

The Spanish Foreign Minister reiterated her country's support for the GNA and its announcement of ceasefire on August 21 plus the demilitarization of Sirte and Jufra as well as oil crescent region in addition to resuming oil production and exports and holding elections next March.

She also said the situation in Libya needs a strict stance by the international community so that the conflict can end in the country, inviting Al-Sarraj once again to visit Madrid.

In the meantime, the Spanish Foreign Minister met with the Head of High Council of State Khalid Al-Mishri and GNA Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala.

Minister Laya and Libyan officials discussed latest developments on the military and political levels as well as Tripoli war repercussions.

The officials went over the initiatives aiming at ending the conflict and political stalemate in Libya as well as the role of Spain in pushing forward the political process.

The Spanish Foreign Minister arrived Monday in Tripoli on a formal visit as a second stop of a journey she aimed to take across North African countries. She visited Tunisia first on Saturday.

After meeting GNA officials, the Spanish Foreign Minister aims to meet with the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Tobruk Aqila Saleh.