The ministerial committee handling proposals for lifting fuel subsidies in Libya and introducing cash coupons held the first meeting Sunday. The chairman of the meeting was the Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohammed Al-Huweij, who discussed with the members alternatives to fuel subsidies.

The Ministry of Economy and Trade said in a statement that the meeting saw proposals for alternatives to fuel subsidies and subsequent measures, detailing the pros and cons of each option.

Minister Al-Huweij said the best alternative will be based on a comprehensive economic study of the government’s capabilities and people's living conditions, adding that it should prioritize the purchasing power of people and then be of a light financial impact on the state's treasury.

He said the ministerial committee will consider the available alternatives that have positive impact on people and will study the proposals to see the way they can help the Government of National Unity limit smuggling fuel operations and better living conditions for citizen, adding that the meetings are held to review the alternatives and draft a final one to the Prime Minister's office