The Libyan Ministry of Defence participated on Wednesday in the meeting of the academic committee of the "5 + 5 Defence" College, with the chairmanship of Malta.

The Libyan delegation was represented by Captain Ibrahim al-Mabrouk from the International Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Defence and Colonel Fawzi al-Jamil from the Command and Staff College of the General Staff, according to a statement by the Ministry of Defence on Facebook.

The meeting, which took place via video conference, included besides Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, as well as France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, and Spain, except for Mauritania, which was unable to take part in this session for reasons not disclosed.

"The step comes within the framework of consultations on the mechanisms of work in the academic field at a regional level, to enhance coordination and develop cooperation, research, and program prospects for vocational education and training until 2024," the ministry stated.

It was also an opportunity for experts of the Western Mediterranean countries to increase knowledge and exchange experiences to support the capabilities and inter-cooperation of their armed forces, the ministry added.