The Tunisian Ministry of Transport announced the signing of a preliminary agreement regarding the procedures for opening a joint sea route, as a continuation of the agreement signed between the two countries in mid-November.

The Tunisian Minister of Transport, Rabie Majidi, reaffirmed readiness to remove all obstacles that prevent the completion of the joint sea route with Libya to any Tunisian port.

Majidi explained that the joint route should enable the proposed port to accelerate the implementation of this project on an ongoing basis, including tye required logistics, standards, and the necessary capacity as well as the expected economic efficiency.

Majidi indicated that the sea route would diversify the methods of transit for travelers and economic stakeholders on both sides, stressing the importance of the services that this route could provide at the level of transporting people and goods.

He also said that the preparation of the sea route would coincide with the preparation of the Ras Ajdir crossing, in addition to the implementation of investments related to the railway track: the Maghreb route.