The commander of the 6th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Ahmaid Al-Ataybi, said the fighting in Sabha is not between Tubu and Awlad Sulaiman tribes, but rather it is between Dignity Operation forces and Presidential Council ones.

Al-Ataybi told Tanasuh TV Channel on Wednesday that the 6th Infantry Brigade is part of the Presidential Council in Tripoli, accusing the other warring party (Tubu) of being supported by the so-called general command of Khalifa Haftar.

"We are fighting for Libya and to unite Libyans, so we call on the Presidential Council to issue an official condemnation of the attacks on the 6th Infantry Brigade." The commander added, calling on "free revolutionaries to come to their help against those attacks."

He denied as well being contacted by the Presidential Council or its Defense Ministry, despite requesting support from both of them.

"Haftar has recruited mercenaries from Chad, Niger and Sudan to attack Sabha." Al-Ataybi disclosed.

Sabha has been for days hit by armed clashes after the attack of armed groups that targeted the 6th Infantry Brigade of Defense Ministry following the brigade command's rejection to join Khalifa Haftar's forces.