Weather Forecast

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) expected stable weather conditions, on Thursday in most regions of the country.

According to the daily bulletin issued by the Centre, maximum temperature ranges between (29 - 42 °C) in all regions.

The weather conditions in Libya, for Thursday, June 20, 2024, are as follows: 

1.    Area extending from Ras Jadir to Sirte - Al-Jafara Plain - Jabal Nafusa (North West of Libya):
- Sky condition:     Clear.
- Wind: Moderate northeasterly could be active at times in some areas.
- Temperature: Ranges between (32-38°C).

2. Gulf - Benghazi plain up to Emssad (North East of Libya):
- Sky condition:    Clear with some clouds.
- Wind: Moderate northwesterly in most areas.
- Temperature: Ranges between (29-34°C), in most areas.

3. Al-Jufra - Sabha - Ghat - Ghadames – Hamada (South West of Libya):
- Sky condition:  Clear
- Wind: Northeasterly to moderate easterly, sometimes active in some areas.
- Temperature: Ranging between (39-42°C).

 4.  The Oases - Sarir - Tazirbo – Kufra (South East of Libya):
- Sky condition: Clear.
- Wind: Variable in direction to northwesterly, light to moderate speed
- Temperature: (39-41°C).