Libyan Airlines Company said increasing the prices of the flight tickets came as a reaction to the Presidential Council's decision to alter the dinar-to-dollar exchange rates at the banks, from which the airliners are not excluded.

In a statement on Saturday, the airliner said the increase was approved after an economic study in cooperation with specialized people, taking into consideration the financial status of the citizens and the airliner alike.

"The Minister of Economy has agreed with the new prices of flight tickets." The airliner added.

It also called on people to avoid rumors spread on social media, which it said aim at making people lose their trust in the airliner.

The company indicated that it is owned by the Libyan sate and is working as per the laws and doesn't aim to profit at the expense of the citizens.

The decision to increase the tickets' prices has stirred anger among Libyans with many of them calling for boycotting the local airliners till prices go back as they were.