Libyan Airlines says the emergency landing of its flight from Cairo to Tripoli on Friday was part of air safety regulations, insisting that the incident was not serious.

An LN203 aircraft of Libyan Airlines that was scheduled to fly from Cairo to Tripoli Mitiga Airport on Friday aborted the flight and made an emergency landing shortly after take-off.

While the Libyan social media shared that the aircraft engine stopped and the captain asked passengers to pronounce the (Shahada), the airline said the information circulated online was blown out of proportion.

"We would like to clarify that what was circulated on social media about a malfunction in the Libyan Airlines aircraft in Cairo has been amplified," a statement by the airlines explained.

It said the pilots decided to return to the Cairo airport for investigation after detecting a technical warning, assuring that this was a standard procedure in such a situation.

The airline pledged to provide another flight to its stranded passengers in Cairo and apologized for the panic and tension it caused among the travelers.