German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, revealed Wednesday that Abdelrahim Al-Kani: a senior leader of Kani militias of Tarhouna who are accused of committing war crimes and mass graves, was receiving medical treatment in Bonn city.

The newspaper said Abdelrahim and five of his brothers formed a militia in Tarhouna city that fought for Haftar, adding that they are accused of kidnapping, murdering and torturing civilians.

It said Al-Kani received medical treatment at the university hospital of Bonn in last January and February due to wounds he suffered in the war on Tripoli.

"The International Criminal Court has informed relevant German authorities of the presence of Al-Kani in Bonn and his charges, urging them to open investigations into those charges in Germany, yet he managed to leave Bonn to Libya in mid-February.

The newspaper said Al-Kani obtained a visa to Germany in 2017 and afterwards, he continued to visit the country with a residence permit for cancer treatment.