The Libyan Amazigh Supreme Council has decided to boycott the referendum on Libya's constitution, which is still under deliberations and yet to be issued by the House of Representatives by July's end.

In a statement on Tuesday, the council slammed the constitution as "racist and unjust" and said it won't accept the results of its referendum.

"We blame the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), UNSMIL, HoR, and High Council of State for this "segregational" constitution as they are moving forward with the project without any attempts to seek consensus with the Amazigh community

The council warned that a political conflict and a social gab will be created in the coming period and thus will be a turning point in the Amazigh political line.

"Clear rejection of us as national partner will oblige us to do the same." The statement added.

HoR said last week that a vote on adopting the constitution will be carried out on July 30. The CDA devised the final constitution draft 40 votes out of 60 in Al-Bayda.

The Amazigh boycotted the CDA's elections in February 2014 in protest of low representation of their community in the CDA, which was formed by the General National Congress in 2013.

Two seats in the CDA were given to Amazigh, among six allocated for "cultural and language components" of Libya's society; the other four were given to Tuareg and Tubu tribes.

Libya's Amazigh want their language to be official in the Libyan constitution, giving it status by adding articles in the constitution that encourage doing research in that language and having official documents in Libya include the Amazigh language.