The spokesman for the Libyan Anti-terrorism Force Colonel Abdelbasit Teeka has condemned the targeting of field hospitals on frontlines by " rogue UAE drones that are backing war criminal Khalifa Haftar and his militias."

The media office of the Volcano of Rage Operation reported Teeka as saying that the area - where field hospitals are - credentials and position details were given to the UNSMIL to avoid them any airstrikes and shelling, yet the airstrikes and shelling were doubled this week.

Teeka held the UNSMIL accountable for the attacks on the field hospitals on frontlines and accused it of being an accomplice to Khalifa Haftar by providing him with the positions of field hospitals of the frontlines.

"This is a war crime and we will file a lawsuit against war criminal Haftar in all international courts." He indicated.

The field medical center in Tripoli said one medic - Salim Efneis who works at the ambulance and emergency department and has been exerting efforts to help injuries from both sides of the war - was killed after an airstrike hot a field hospital in Salah Al-Deen I'm southern Tripoli at Thursday dawn.

Another medic was injured and an ambulance was destroyed in a mortar shelling attack that hit the field hospital on Wadi Rabea frontline in southern Tripoli.

In Mid-August, UNSMIL documented the killing of 11 people, including 4 doctors and a paramedic in attacks by Haftar's warplanes on two field hospitals in July. It added that 37 attacks were documented on health facilities since the start of Haftar's attack on Tripoli, let alone the damage of 19 ambulances and 20 field hospitals destructed.