The permanent Libyan representative at the Arab League, Abdul Mottaleb Thabet, said what happened during Libya's presidency showed that the league needed to carry out reform, upgrade its systems and mechanisms for interpreting and following up on decisions, and fortify its decisions against political interference.

Thabet said at the Arab League meeting at the level representatives, that Libya presided over the Arab League Council at the ministerial level in light of the ongoing  political circumstances it is going through, and it was hoping that its presidency would be an opportunity to advance the League's position to enable it to be fully acquainted with all aspects of the political crisis in Libya, in a way that enhances its ability to play an advanced role in resolving the crisis as the closest regional organization to Libyans.

"Libya was keen on achieving common Arab interests, preserving Arab reconciliation, and achieving the interests of all Libyans without discrimination, and there is not a single item in all draft resolutions submitted by the unity government for following up on the political situation in Libya, that shows disagreement among the political parties or objection from one of them, which indicates our keenness to achieve the interests of all Libyans.” He said.

Libya presides over the Arab League at the ministerial level in the 158th session, and the permanent representatives are scheduled to discuss the draft agenda of the Arab League Council on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Egypt.