The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj has called on the Libyan Army forces under his command to adhere to International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and human rights as they fight off Khalifa Haftar's forces on the outskirts of Tripoli.

In a statement on Saturday, Al-Sarraj called on the forces to respect the IHL on treating captives and underaged fighters and to protect civilians caught in the clashes' zones along with their properties.

Al-Sarraj also called on the forces to avoid provocative actions and talk as the battle is for the country as a whole, saying the attack on Tripoli has been ordered by one individual for his own personal gains and shouldn't be blamed on a tribe or a region.

The Libyan Army forces under Al-Sarraj's command said Saturday that they started a counteroffensive against Haftar's forces in all frontlines, with fierce clashes in Wadi Rabea, Airport Road, Ain Zara and Khalit Al-Furjan.

The spokesman for the media office of the Volcano of Rage Operation Mustafa Al-Majye said Saturday that their forces had started attacking Haftar's forces and had seized many locations.

Locations seized on Saturday from Haftar's forces include Al-Tuaisha, Wadi Rabea and Ain Zara with news saying Libyan Army forces are hours away from fully seizing Qasir Benghashir, which was used by Haftar's forces for Grad launchers to attack civilians in residential areas over the last few days.

In the meantime, the Libyan Army said Saturday's clashes are the most violent since day one of the attack as they managed to secure more areas around Tripoli and start the counteroffensive.