Forces of the Libyan Army under the Presidential Council government's command thwarted on Saturday morning a heavy-artillery-backed advance by Khalifa Haftar's forces on Tripoli International Airport frontline, blocking their attempt to enter Tripoli's downtown.

Sources from the "Volcano of Rage" Operation of the Presidential Council's commanded forces said Haftar's forces had supplies from Tarhouna for their early Saturday advance, adding that they managed to foil the advance and gained new ground in the vicinity of Tripoli Airport.

"Libyan Air Force targeted positions and ammo depots for Haftar's forces in Tripoli Airport, Qasir Benghashir, Tuwaisha and Sooq Al-Ahad." The sources added.

"Desperate attempts by Haftar's forces reflect instructions given by Haftar for them to enter Tripoli at any cost, so he can have a strong position in any negotiations." The sources further added.

On Friday, the Libyan army forces repelled an attack by Haftar's forces on Ain Zara frontline as they tried to advance from three fighting axes using tanks and heavy artillery, according to a senior commander - Abdelrahman Al-Shukri.

Some shells fired by Haftar's forces fell on residential areas inside Ain Zara causing material damage to the houses, while in Sabea area in southwestern Tripoli, Libyan army forces seized a number of military vehicles for Haftar's forces after capturing three fighters.

Clashes are still ongoing on Tripoli Airport frontline with an uneasy calm every now and then.