The forces of the Libyan Army under the Presidential Council's command launched on Saturday fierce offensive on positions of Khalifa Haftar's forces on different frontlines in southern Tripoli.

Using all kinds of weapons, the Libyan army forces attacked Haftar's forces on Ain Zara, Khallit Al-Furjan, Yarmouk Camp, Al-Sabaa, Tuwaisha, Ramla, Tripoli Airport and Wadi Rabea frontlines, with confirmations by the senior leaders that they had made great advances rushing Haftar's forces farther away.

Meanwhile, Libyan Air Force targeted positions for Haftar's forces in southern Tripoli and in Gharyan - southwestern Tripoli.

Senior leader at western military zone of the Presidential Council, Ali Jibril, said the all-frontline attack on southern Tripoli locations where Haftar's forces are positioned aimed at confusing them and disconnecting them.

Jibril said their forces advanced Tuwaisha and Ramla, nearby the Airport, adding that violent clashes were still ongoing in Khallit Al-Furjan with snipers for Haftar's forces fixed on houses roofs and that two fighters from each side had been killed.

In the meantime, Haftar's forces launched random shelling on residential areas in Al-Sawani in southwestern Tripoli, causing material damage.