Libyan Army forces retake Gharyan city in a major blow to Haftar's forces

Libyan Army forces retake Gharyan city in a major blow to Haftar's forces

June 26, 2019 - 21:12
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Army's Volcano of Rage Operation said Wednesday afternoon that it had seized control of most parts of Gharyan city, including military camps and operations room of Khalifa Haftar's forces.

Briefing media about the development, the operation said its forces had seized downtown Gharyan areas, the city's hospital and other major and vital institutions and areas in line with "a courageous uprising by the residents of Gharyan against the dictatorship."

Identical sources have also confirmed that the Libyan Army forces have had a full control over Gharyan after the defeat and pullout of Haftar's forces, saying the commander of Haftar's operations room I'm the city Abdelsalam Al-Hassi has fled the city.

"The Libyan Army forces entered Gharyan from three fighting axes and then seized major parts of the city." Gharyan municipality said

Volcano of Rage Operation's media office said Qwassim area and its residents in north Gharyan was a major assistance to the operation, saying the residents welcomed the Libyan Army fighters with happiness and relief.

Meanwhile, a military source said the operation to seize control of Gharyan was minutely planned and precisely executed by the Libyan Army forces in assistance with the Libyan Air Force after luring Haftar's forces into fighting on southern Tripoli frontlines like Tripoli International Airport and Qasir Benghashir to make them think they are the target, while Gharyan was the ultimate goal.

The source confirmed that other forces under the command of western and central military zones had gone to Shweirif and Garyat areas to encircle Haftar's forces fleeing Gharyan, saying a very unexpected surprise is in the making.