Spokesman of the Libyan Army, Colonel Mohammad Gununu

A group of Haftar militiamen was tracked moving on the road between Ajdabia city and Brega northeast of the country, with an air defense system, said a statement by the Libyan Army on Saturday.

In a series of tweets this morning, the Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Muhammad Gununu confirmed that the Intelligence and Information Unit of the Operations Command detected an armed convoy of Haftar's "terrorist militias" carrying an air defense system -Pantsir- from Ajdabiya to Brega, anticipating that it would likely be stationed in the cities of Ras Lanuf or Sirte.

He said that the countries still supporting the terrorists and mercenaries of Haftar by providing them with Russian Pantsir air defense systems, are actually "offering an opportunity for our heroes, on land and in the air, to demonstrate their heroism as they crush and destroy those militias."

"The Libyan army forces had destroyed similar air defense systems in various liberated areas before," said Gununu.

Meanwhile, Haftar's militia violated the ceasefire announced on August 21st at least three times during the past few days, after targeting the Libyan army positions west of Sirte, with about 20 Grad rockets.

The Libyan Army forces of the Government of National Accord have affirmed their commitment to the ceasefire while underlining they are ready to counter any aggression at the appropriate time and place.