The commander of the western military zone of the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord Osama Juweili has rejected the deal between the member of the Presidential Council Ahmed Mitig and Khalifa Haftar to end oil blockade.

Juweili told reporters that the House of Representatives members in Tripoli and the Presidential Council should clarify their stances on this agreement.

Juweili added on Friday that such a clandestine agreement shall eventually fail, adding that those who want Libya to remain united should not have given in for their own personal gains.

Haftar announced in a televised statement Friday the ending of oil blockade and resumption of oil production and exports, after over eight months of shutdown and almost 10 billion dollars in financial losses.

The move was also announced by Mitig, who at the same time issued a statement saying he and Haftar's representatives had dialogued the terms that allow Libyan oil to pump once again for what he described as "the greater good of all Libyans."

Mitig said in his statement that the agreement to reopen Libyan oil facilities included forming a joint technical committee with Haftar's representatives to oversee the fair distribution of oil revenues across Libya.