The media office of the Volcano of Rage Operation of the Libyan Army of the Government of National Accord said Wednesday that it had depicted movements for the Russian Wagner Group mercenaries loyal to Khalifa Haftar in western Sirte, saying that was a violation of the ceasefire agreement.

The media office added that vehicles and trucks as well as excavators and Russian Wagner Group’s mercenaries convoys were seen on Tuesday heading to Sirte: eight armed vehicles and four cars laden with ammunition as well as a mobile operations and control room followed by drones were seen on Brega to Sirte road.

It added that the second convoy was on the road from Ajdabiya moving westward and it contained three dimmed buses, two ammunition vehicles and three security cars to protect the Wagner Group mercenaries inside the buses.

“Wagner mercenaries are working on a linking tube inside trenches to be used to pump oil from the south to north and then to be shipped.” The media office indicated, saying such movements are violations of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission ceasefire agreement signed last October in Geneva.