The spokesman for the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Mohammed Gununu said Libya is at war with invading mercenaries supported by regional and international states after the defeat of their agent Khalifa Haftar.

Gununu said on Twitter Sunday that the supporters of putschists and rebels had taken off their masks to take part in destruction and chaos themselves in Libya after their agent Haftar was defeated.

He said mercenaries are occupying Sirte and using it to threaten Libyan cities just like when ISIS took the city in 2016, adding that those in control now of Sirte are criminals and terrorists and "sooner or later they will be killed, jailed or left to die in the desert," warning that the putschists have no choice but to surrender the criminals to Libyan and international justice.

Gununu said Saturday that the liberation of Sirte and Jufra as well as oilfields from Wagner Group mercenaries and Haftar's forces is an urgency now more than ever.

Gununu said in a press briefing that Russian mercenaries and local criminal gangs are occupying Sirte and Jufra as well as oilfields, adding that they will chase them away until the cities are liberated whether peacefully or by force.