The Libyan Army's air defenses shot down on Tuesday morning a drone provided by the UAE to Khalifa Haftar as it was preparing to carry out strikes.

The media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said the drone was downed in eastern Misrata, posting footage showing the wreckage of the drone.

Eyewitnesses said the drone was flying over eastern Misrata before being shot down in Al-Kararim area.

On Monday, aircraft affiliated with Haftar's forces carried out airstrikes on three positions in Abu Grein but caused no noticeable damage.

The Libyan Army forces have so far caused the downing of 16 aircraft, including the ones crashing for technical reasons according to Haftar's forces claims.
Meanwhile, clashes continued in Al-Wishka and Abu Grein as sources from the Libyan Army said they had captured three fighters - Sudanese mercenaries - from Haftar's forces near Abu Grein.

Hours after the downing of the drone, Haftar's forces fired indiscriminate shells on Al-Hadba Al-Badri area in southern Tripoli, killing three children, according to the Health Ministry.