The Emirates security forces have committed systematic torture crimes against the Libyan detainees in the UAE, The Libyan Association for Victims and Enforced Disappearance in UAE revealed in a statement on Sunday.

The statement disclosed that the detained Libyans have undergone more than 20 kinds of physical and psychological torture so far, reiterating that the detainees are still kept off media and personal visits except for the only visit by Libya’s Ambassador in the UAE, Al-Aref Al-Nayed.

It said Ambassador Al-Nayed who paid a visit to the prisoners 9 months after their arrest, revealing that he was aware of all the torture they were experiencing.

The Libyan Association called on Libyan authorities to investigate into Ambassador Al-Nayed’s behavior and to hold him accountable for his inaction and covering of the UAE’s torture crimes.

“We urge the UAE’s authorities to show the victims to a forensic doctor and send the culprits to the court for trials, and we stress that the detainees’ lawyers were denied access to the case files, so we hereby call for immediate release for all of the detainees.” Concluded the statement.

Six Libyan businessmen are still detained in the UAE for more than a year without charges.