The Libyan authorities released Monday three Russian sailors who were arrested by the Libyan Coast Guard personnel on board of an oil vessel (Mekhanik Chebotaryov) on September 17 last year.

The three were part of an 11-man crew who were all accused of smuggling fuel.

A source from the Libyan Ministry of Justice confirmed that the release procedures had ended and the three Russians were released after they were found not guilty by the court a couple of days ago.

Russia Today reported that the Chechen President said he had sent a delegation to Libya in cooperation with the Russian Foreign Ministry in order to accompany the released sailors back home.

He also told Russia Today that the negotiations for the release was taken up by an MP at the Russian State Duma.

The Russian Mekhanik Chebotaryov vessel and its 11-man crew were intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard at Tripoli port with charges of fuel smuggling, however, recently, 8 of the crewmembers were released and the captain and his two assistants were held till the court ruled on their case.