The oil and gas crisis committee of Brega Oil & Gas Marketing Company said the fight against oil smugglers has been taken to the western region as it had announced shutting down of the Libyan-Tunisian borders in the face of smuggling by the border guards and Nalut Brigade starting Saturday.

"The shutdown is aimed at stemming the phenomenon of oil and goods smuggling. Any car or truck entering Libya from Tunisia will be treated accordingly." The committee said, adding that all gas station owners should abide by the new regulations as security authorities will use force against any violations.

The border guards and Nalut Brigade intercepted Friday several oil smuggling trucks heading to neighboring countries.

"Smugglers are all thumbs now after their routes have been revealed for the Libyan security authorities, especially after the assistance provided by southerners, who depicted via photos and sms the detailed locations of the smugglers." The committee remarked.

On Friday, the oil and gas committee declared the kick-start of the fight against smuggling gangs to stop the looting of Libya's resources, pointing out that it is going to conduct a large-scale operation in southern Libya starting Friday as a first step after all preparations have completed in coordination with the Third Force, Petroleum Facilities Guard, southern elders and municipal officials.