324 illegal migrants, including 32 Libyans, were rescued by Libyan coastguards off northern Zuwara shores in Libya on Monday.

The spokesman for the Libyan Navy, Ayoub Qassim, told the press that among the immigrants were 35 women and 16 children onboard two dinghies, whose engines stopped en route to Italy off Libyan shores.

"We have received information about the rubber boats and then the Zuwara branch of coastguards and interior ministry's coast guard personnel headed to the rescue operation." Qassim remarked.

He explained that the migrants were from Chad, Nigeria, Mali and Ivory Coast, besides a Tunisian national, a Moroccan, and four Pakistanis and 32 Libyans.

"Libyans included 8 women and 6 children, who were sent to Zuwara port before handing them over to Zuwara Passports Investigation Department." Qassim indicated.