On Wednesday and Thursday, the Libyan coastguards rescued a total of 362 illegal migrants off western shores, the Libyan Navy announced Friday.

The spokesman for the Libyan Navy, Ayoub Qassim, said the first operation rescued 89 illegal immigrants off northern Al-Khums shores by Misrata coastguards, to whom the migrants were delivered afterwards.

Qassim added that the second coastguards’ rescue operation took 48 hours of search between northern Zliten and Libyan water borders with Tunisia, in which 250 migrants including 13 women and 6 children were rescued and delivered to Tajoura migrants’ detention center.

“The third operation saw Sabratha boat of Tripoli coastguards on Thursday rescuing 23 migrants on a wooden boat 50 miles off Bu Kammash, with 9 Libyan nationals onboard besides African nationals.” Qassim explained, saying they were later sent to the Tareeq Al-Sekka center of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority.

Meanwhile, the International Organization for Migration said Friday that 90 migrants were missing off western Libyan shores, while Al-Zawiya security department said that it had rescued three people – two Libyans and on Pakistani – then recovered 13 bodies from the area, including one woman’s body (Libyan national).