The Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) reaffirmed that the recent procedures issued by the House of Representatives (HoR) are violations of the constitution, including the 12th constitutional amendment proposal and the decision of the Speaker of the HoR regarding the formation of a committee to amend some articles of the draft constitution completed by the CDA.

The CDA said the HoR procedures are a way to seize power and abort the constitutional process, saying they do not add any legal effects. It said the HoR or other parties aren't entitled to amend the draft constitution devised by the CDA in any way because it constitutes a violation of the actions of a constituent authority elected directly by the people.

The CDA renewed its commitment to its authorized task to devise the draft constitution for the country, disregarding all violations to the draft, calling on the UN mission to fulfill its international obligations by supporting the constitutional process and taking an explicit stance regarding any measures aimed at depriving the people of their right to a referendum on the draft constitution.

“We call on the Supreme Court to take the necessary measures to activate the work of the constitutional circuit court o consider all violations that affect the constitutional process.