The Deputy Minister of Defense of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Salah Al-Namroush said foreign warplanes backing up "war criminal Haftar" had carried out airstrikes on Al-Watiya airbase.

In a statement on Sunday, Al-Namroush said the airstrikes were a desperate attempt aimed to achieve a moral victory as opposed to the overwhelming victories of the Libyan Army under GNA's command, adding that the response will be at the right time and place.

"Foreign warplanes backing up war criminal Haftar have carried out tens of airstrikes since the start of war on Tripoli, targeting civilian infrastructure and killing several civilians. The strikes on Al-Watiya airbase show Haftar's determination to continue his aggression on the legitimate GNA with the blessing of his supporters." He said.

In the meantime, social media activists circulated news sources from western Libya saying that unidentified aircraft carried out airstrikes on Al-Watiya airbase early on Sunday without causing no casualties.

The sources said Western Mountain region residents had heard aircraft flying over Al-Watiya before the strikes hit the airbase, saying southern region residents also heard warplanes, which could mean that they had taken off from a foreign airbase in Mali.

The sources added that the airstrikes hit military equipment brought lately to the airbase, including an anti-aircraft system.