A force from the Khalifa Haftar-led Dignity Operation in eastern Libya arrived Sunday evening at the 50 checkpoint in eastern Sirte, where its fighters positioned themselves and starting policing the cars passing by the area, sources reported.

Earlier, other sources said that Sirte has been under a high security alert with armed vehicles on the roads since last Saturday, adding that there were also many checkpoints in the city, Zaafran neighborhood, and Abu Hadi roundabout.

According to the sources, a force with 20 vehicles was seen positioned in the Naher (River) road in eastern Sirte as a precaution.

"Gunshots are heard every now and then." the sources added, saying checkpoints were positioned on all Sirte entrances and exits.

About a month ago, Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos forces foiled a simultaneous attack from east and south Sirte by Dignity Operation militias coming from eastern Libya and IS remnants coming from southern Sirte areas; mostly from the desert and valley areas between Sirte and Bani Waleed.