The foreign minister of the Interim Government of eastern Libya Mohammed Al-Dairi survived a car accident on Tuesday, while four of his companions died as his convoy went into a car crash on the desert road nearby Al-Makhili in east Al-Bayda.

According to sources, two of his security guards died immediately in the crash, while two employees from the ministry died at Qubba Hospital in eastAl-Bayda.

The foreign minister got out of the accident with no serious injuries.

The sources did not reveal the reasons behind the accident, however; they said that Al-Dair and the companions were on a work mission in Tobruk.

This is not the first accident to happen for eastern officials as the commander of Omar Al-Mukhtar Operations Room, Salim Al-Rafadi and two of his guards were injured due to a car accident on Al-Nuwar road and Al-Makhili road on July 30.

A car accident on January 10, 2016, killed the House of Representatives' member for Qubba, Muna Al-Ghaithi and her nephew while they were heading to Tobruk to attend a session.

Likewise, a guard for the HoR's Speaker Aqilah Saleh died in a car accident as Saleh's convoy drove on Al-Mukhaili road in last March.