The commander of the eastern forces of Dignity Operation, Khalifa Haftar has said the siege on Derna means choking the city in every sense of the word.

In a video aired by pro-Haftar Libya News TV, Haftar stated that he would reject any mediation that targets the lifting of the siege on Derna, adding that no food, no medicines and no fuel are allowed to enter the city.

"Our forces' siege on Derna is now at an irrevocable point, there is no going back." He remarked in Al-Bayda city at the opening of a hotel.

Meanwhile, many condemnations of the siege were made, including the International Association for Rights and Freedoms (IRAF), which called the siege on Derna a crime against humanity.

However, the siege continues for the fourth week in a row since Dignity Operation forces have tightened their control on Derna's entrances and exits disallowing the entry of humanitarian needs such as food, fuel and medicines to the city.