A young man from Tobruk has been killed in an airstrike operated by the Egyptian air force while he was on a trip for hunting falcons in the desert region, southeast of Libya, the local Bayda media outlet confirmed on Monday.

The incident took place in the desert town of Jaghboub near the Libyan-Egyptian border.

The victim identified to be Abdullah Al-Sheibi is not the first to be killed by the Egyptian air force while practicing this sport in the border area with Egypt.

About four years ago three falconers from the city of Al-Bayda were also targeted by an Egyptian military aircraft in the same area, while the fourth falconer was lucky enough to escape the attack and survived to tell the story. 

Hunting falcons is an important part of the cultural desert heritage in Libya. Its hunting season begins in August and continues over a period of three months, which is the regular seasonal movement of these birds between the European and African continents to seek better food and nesting locations.

A few days ago a falcon was sold by a falconer from the city of Tobruk for LYD 400,000 dinars during an auction of  hunting birds cherished by Libyans.