A Libyan family has been rescued after being caught up in the earthquake in Turkish Hatay, the Libyan Ambassador to Turkey, Mustafa al-Qalib, has confirmed, noting that their son had left the hospital after receiving treatment.

Al-Qalib said they are working to support the family and other nationals who have been directly affected by the earthquakes in Turkey.

"The crisis team of the Libyan mission is closely following the conditions of our nationals caught up in the earthquake-affected areas in southern Turkey," Al-Qalib said in press statements, confirming that all those who have been contacted so far are in good condition.

The Turkish Government has stated that only vehicles carrying aid teams and aid materials will be allowed to enter cities located in the area of the disaster.

However, Al-Qalib said they are in continuous contact with the Turkish authorities to evacuate Libyan nationals in the provinces affected by the earthquake.

According to Al-Qalib, the Libyan mission had reached out to two Libyan women, including a student, and is working to transfer them to Istanbul.

As for the Libyan rescue crew, Al-Qalib affirmed that the team joined the rescue efforts upon its arrival in Adana.

The team was dispatched to the affected areas according to a plan set by the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, the ambassador added.