Libya’s top religious body, the Fatwa House (FH), has urged Libyan people to register for the upcoming elections to end the country’s crises.

In a statement on Saturday, the Council of Research and Sharia Studies of the FH said participation in the upcoming elections is a national and religious duty to select the right and best people.

“Despite the fact that the elections should be held under a constitution that preserves the identity of the state and outlines the map of rights and duties, holding the elections at present may bring the country out of its crises given the current situation of political division, security chaos, deterioration of living, and financial and administrative corruption.” The statement reads.

The statement also urged the executive and control bodies and the High National Elections Commission to investigate reports of the alleged hacking of the civil registry system because “this matter has serious consequences on Libya’s national security.”

Meanwhile, the High National Elections Commissions announced on Sunday that the number of the new registrants for the upcoming elections from December 06 to January 27 has reached 684.008, bringing the total number to 2.193.299 registered voters.

The registration process is due to continue until February 06. Registration of Libyan nationals abroad is expected to start on February 01.