The Libyan Fatwa House's Council for Research and Sharia Studies called on all Libyans across the country to take to streets on Friday and demand the toppling of the House of Representatives (HoR).

The council said Thursday that the parliament has become similar to a "tumor" and because Islamic Sharia says any harm can be removed, then the Libyan people should take to streets and demand the overthrow of the HoR.

The council said MPs are responsible, Sharia-wise, for the bad deeds done to the country and religion by the HoR Speaker, whom it said was "leading them to the abyss."

"The HoR, headed by Aqila Saleh, is already illegal in terms of Sharia, laws, and morals. It has gone too far in its corruption and is adding a new crime to its record every day. It has supported the bloodshed of Libyans by backing up wars waged by Khalifa Haftar and the arrival of mercenaries and occupiers." The council added.

The Libyan Prime Minister called for demonstrations on Friday in Tripoli, saying in a speech at the Tripoli Martyrs Square that the government would continue to work to serve the people until the holding of elections on December 24.