Libyan Foreign Minister: Sirte IS judge killed in Tunisia’s Ben Gardane

Libyan Foreign Minister: Sirte IS judge killed in Tunisia’s Ben Gardane

March 10, 2016 - 20:34
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Foreign Minister of the Salvation Government, Ali Abu Zakouk, disclosed in a press conference Thursday that the IS judge in Sirte, Abu Mouad Al-Tunisi, who is a Tunisian national and one of the wanted terrorists for Libyan authorities, was killed in the Tunisian Ben Gardane clashes.

FM Abu Zakouk denounced the distortion policy practiced by official and media bodies in Tunisia by placing the blame on Libya for what is happening in Tunisia, calling on Tunisian authorities to clarify for their citizens the truth behind what is taking place in Ben Gardane and the Tunisian-Libyan border.

“Tunisia was very supportive for Libya’s February revolution, but this does not mean that Libyans should remain silent if the harm comes from their side because we do not accept to give in for any kind of wrongfulness.” He added.

He also indicated that Libyan authorities will not toughen the treatment of Tunisians residing or working in Libya, pointing out that the Salvation Government had urged the Tunisian government to cooperate with it as regards to security many times, yet it turned a deaf ear to the calls and worked on its own, which proved inefficient as it was hit by terrorism despite its strategic partnership with NATO.

“There are a number of airstrikes conducted by SG warplanes on several IS targets, but the government did not announce it to media.” Abu Zakouk concluded.