Libyan Foreign Ministry

The Libyan Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday considering the report of Amnesty International, which was published earlier this month, short of credibility and professionalism, describing the report as prejudiced and saying Libya’s Government of National Unity would continue to safeguard human rights.

A May 02 report by Amnesty International called for the dismissal of the leader of the Stabilization Support Apparatus, which is under the supervision of Presidential Council, Abdul Ghani Al-Kikli (Ghaniwa) and his former deputy Lutfi Al-Harari, describing them as militia leaders who are committing violations and getting appointed in state positions.

The Foreign Ministry expressed its regret at the blatant politicization and unjustified escalation of Amnesty International's report, accusing it of misusing the cooperation with the Libyan state that it was keen to establish as a principle for dealing with the situation in the country as a cover by its delegation which visited Libya recently.

The Foreign Ministry also accused Amnesty International of exploiting the cooperation of the Libyan government in taking unauthorized routes during its delegation’s visit to Libya, which to all appearances was an investigation into the crimes committed in Tarhouna, south of Tripoli, but the delegation went beyond that task and its acts were criminal and punishable by local law.

"This organization (Amnesty International) did not visit any security apparatuses mentioned in the report, and did not inquire about any violations or activities they carried out before preparing the report and when visiting the country. It did not provide any significant evidence for its allegations or ask the government before writing the report. It was content to rewrite the same baseless allegations and free accusations without providing scientific evidence or objective arguments.” The Ministry added.

It also accused one of the Amnesty International delegation’s members of promoting and spreading ideas and beliefs that affect the social security of the Libyan state by publicizing atheism and homosexuality in cooperation with some weak-minded people inside Libya, saying that all this evidence is gathered by the relevant security units within the country, considering that the report, which gave itself the right to judge others, was aimed at obscuring Amnesty International’s continued violations of laws, legislation, norms and ethics in force within the state.

“The government is still awaiting Amnesty International's evidence of the security apparatuses’ involvement in the operations alleged in the report. In the meantime, the government may take measures against Amnesty International, including filing lawsuits if members of its delegation are not held accountable for deviating from their authorized tasks.” The Foreign Ministry explained.

It stressed that the Government of National Unity continues its efforts to promote human rights within the framework of its national vision, and to meet the aspirations of all Libyans, asking those who want to cooperate with it to respect beliefs, social traditions and the tolerant Islam religion, which is a top priority that goes as most important of all other considerations.