The Libyan Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Gharyani, extended a statement to the President of the United Emirates, Khalifa Bin Zayed via the official Libyan Fatwa House Facebook page, urging him to release the Libyan citizens arrested in the UAE for more than a year now.

“The Libyan citizens arrested in the UAE are Libyan businessmen not politicians and have never been involved in governments; they have inherited the business profession from their forefathers and have no enmity nor vendetta with the UAE, but have gone there to do business only.” Explained the Mufti.

The Mufti also accused the Emirates of founding a sinister operations room run by the country’s intelligence bureaus collaborating with other enemy countries’ intelligence and some Libyan accomplices to provide the coup plotters in Libya with heavy weapons and ammunition, squandering billions with the aim of destabilizing Libya and plunging it in a continuant bloodshed and unrest and thus hindering the reaching of an agreement in the country.

The Mufti added that all of the drafts crafted by the UN ex-envoy Bernardino Leon stemmed from foreign dictations, especially from the UAE, saying that he is shocked to hear that the Foreign Ministry of the UAE has rejected the agreement and declaration of principles signed lately in Tunisia by the General National Congress and the House of Representatives.