A report by the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), sent to the Parliamentary Commission for monitoring HNEC work, said the results of the appeals stage cannot be used to publish a final list of presidential candidates because the list could contain names that are legally-contested.

The report sent by HNEC's Head, Emad Al-Sayeh, added that most rulings on the presidential candidates tackled the form and neglected the content despite the fact that the failure to pay the costs annuls all appeals which lost all credibility for failing to abide by laws.

It indicated that the deadlines for lodging and deliberating appeals were neglected by the relevant committees because many appeals were filed and received rulings at the same time on the same day, thus disallowing any chance for HNEC to counter-appeal, adding that the HNEC didn't get notified about most appeals and they were considered in the absence of HNEC defense in violation of the election law.

"HNEC lawyers weren't even allowed to defend the HNEC decisions in some appeal cases due to threats by certain candidates; not to mention the manipulation and trickery in tackling the cases so that the HNEC cannot defend its decisions." The report says.