The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) approved the 13th constitutional amendment that is related to defining the powers of the president and prime minister, and the structure as well as the competencies of the legislative authority, according to which a constitutional basis for holding presidential and parliamentary elections was approved.

HoR member Abdulsalam Nasiyah said on Facebook that the constitutional basis establishes the National Assembly, which consists of the House of Representatives on the basis of population and geography and its headquarters in Benghazi, and the Senate on the basis of equality among regions, saying that its headquarters will be in Tripoli.

"And an executive authority consisting of a president elected by the people, and a government whose head is appointed by the head of state and granted confidence by the House of Representatives. This step was very important in light of the current political impasse, calling on all parties to the conflict to deal with it positively in order to reach general elections as soon as possible." Nasiyah said.

He reiterated that "the Libyan solution remains the best, and farsighted as well as distanced from abhorrent personal selfishness and dependence on foreigner intervention is the closest way to restore the state and get out of the vortex of transitional stages and remove all foreign forces from the country."

Nasiyah added that regional and international countries are seeking to achieve their interests and do not pay attention to the Libyan interest, saying they don't mind making Libya an arena for regional conflict and turning it into another Syria, especially if they find selfish leaders whose only concern is settling political scores at the expense of the independence and sovereignty of the nation.