Members of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) who were meeting for consultation in Tangier, Morocco, arrived Thursday in Ghadames, Libya, to hold first a consultative meeting and then a full-quorum session on next Monday with the aim to unify the parliament ahead of the proposed elections on December 24, 2021.

Until Thursday evening, 104 HoR members arrived in Ghadames as more coming from Tripoli and Tunisia are scheduled to arrive before Monday so that the number of parliamentarians would reach 140.

The official full-quorum HoR session is expected to discuss four topics, including amending the internal code of laws of the Libyan Parliament.

The HoR members were supposed to arrive in Ghadames on Wednesday, but their flight was delayed due to technical reasons because the pilot said he wouldn't be able to land in Ghadames Airport for lack of sufficient lighting in the runway.

The HoR hasn't held a full-quorum session in six years inside Libya. The members who met in Tangier agreed last Saturday on holding the first full-quorum session in Ghadames to end division ahead of the selection of new executive authorities and elections by 2021's end.