The Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh said election legislations could be finalized and passed in a week, saying the amended budget bill of the Government of National Unity was sent to the planning and financial committee and adding that the funds allocated for "Armed Forces" are insufficient.

Speaking to a Russian TV channel, Saleh said the HoR is entitled to issue legislations, referring to its rejection to include the High Council of State in the process, and is convinced that elections will be held on time next December, hinting at division and chaos or war if elections aren't held on schedule.

Saleh said the Government of National Unity couldn't unify institutions as unification would mean that all regions can take part in power; ministries, embassies, and even investment firms. He added that the government focused on one thing and increased centralization.

"The government proposed last week a 111 billion dinars' budget bill and it was sent to the planning and financial committee for evaluation." He remarked, reiterating that the money allocated for Haftar's forces isn't sufficient for their work and tasks "and for their efforts to secure the country and public".

Saleh reiterated the need for all foreign forces to depart Libya and called on the international community to "sanction Turkey and oblige it to withdraw its forces", hailing at the same time "Russia's support for the HoR."