The Prime Minister of the parallel "Interim Government" in Al-Bayda, eastern Libya, Abdullah Al-Thani has accused his government's Awqaf Authority of being a staunch follower of a certain religious sect and foreign agendas.

In a letter to the deputy prime minister, Al-Thani said he would take strict measures to respond to the appointment and sacking orders made recently by the Awqaf Authority.

"The Head of the Awqaf Authority is individually making decisions without any consultation with the offices of the authority, which threatens nationality security." Al-Thani added.

The Awqaf Authority had been for years sacking mosques' imams and preachers whose ideas were at odds with it, replacing them with others who share it the same ideologies.

Salafist-Madkhali ideology's followers - linked to and backed by Saudi Arabia - have been controlling the Awqaf Authority in Al-Bayda since its split from Tripoli's headquarters in 2014.

The authority has been spreading the ideology since 2014 in eastern Libya, issuing many fatwas that helped break the well-knitted social fabric, such as the fatwa against the Ibadism doctrine in Libya saying Libyans mustn't pray behind an Ibadi Imam.