The Minister of the Interior of the Government of National Unity, Emad Al-Trabelsi, said that what was reported about his arrest at an airport in Paris because he was carrying 500,000 euros was not true, adding that the rumor was circulated by a journalist.

On Friday, Al-Trabelsi was accused of arriving in Paris with half a million euros and being held by police for it.

At a cabinet meeting Al-Khums city on Thursday, Al-Trabelsi said he traveled to Paris as an ordinary citizen and bought his own ticket on March 2, adding that he landed at Charles de Gaulle airport and went to the customs department to register an amount of 20.000 euros to abide by the procedures followed in most countries. He pointed out that he received an official paper from the Paris airport employees regarding the registration of the money.

"I left the airport and on the second day I went to the same airport to travel to Turkey, but I was surprised by one of the journalists; Kamal Al-Marash, who claimed that I had 500.000 euros on me but that wasn't true.

Libyan PM said the clarification was important by the Interior Minister for him and the cabinet, saying they believed the news when it was reported on TV. He added that his government was under attacks and accusations. He also called on his cabinet members to carry bank cards not cash when traveling abroad.