The Libyan Association for Members of Judiciary (LAMJ) condemned the candidacy of the Head of the Supreme Judiciary Council and Supreme Court, Mohammed Al-Hafi, to the new executive authority, saying this is a serious violation of the separation of powers approach.

In a statement Sunday, the LAMJ said Al-Hafi's behavior is a threat to the unification and neutrality of the judiciary, urging UNSMIL and Libyan Political Dialogue Forum to reject the candidacy of any residing judicial member.

LAMJ urged for keeping the judiciary away from "politics swamp" and said it would take all necessary action to end such violations, reiterating that it wouldn't deny officials the chance to be candidates for any political position, yet they would have to resign from judicial positions first.

It also called on the general assembly of the Supreme Judiciary Council and Supreme Court to convene urgently to take measures that preserve the independence and unity of the judiciary.

UNSMIL unveiled Saturday a list of 24 candidates for Presidential Council positions and 21 others for the Prime Minister's position. The candidates for the Presidential Council included Al-Hafi's name.